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Get Twyst Hair Salon - Tuesday, September 08, 2015

GET MORE!!!!!!

I am often amazed by clients who are committed to the destruction of their hair follicles and overall hair care just to save a buck. Like clockwork you patronize the business, person (s) who have assisted in the breakdown of your locs. You often let anyone in your locs as long as they can make you look cute but if/when you take your hair down your hair is barely hanging on, locs pop off, some locs are binded together without your knowledge, locs have unraveled all together. I'm appealing to you to take notice.

Take frequent pictures through your hair. Ask questions and if deep down in your gut you're not comfortable with the answer ask the question again. This is your hair and you should be able to wear your hair pulled up or let hang with confidence.

I know that often times clients form long relationships with their locticians but all relationships that's measured in years should not make you want to stay. Some locticians become complacent and use techniques, tools, products that are played out and frankly bad for you. A Loctician can charge you cheap prices because more than likely the products and technology being used are cheap and will not aid in the strengthening of your locs.

Maintenance and Repair should come hand in hand. Hair is like a car you absolutely must get an oil change and everything that comes with that. Some people never get or have been told by their loctician that they need a conditioner, hot oil treatment, deep cleanser. It's your locticians job to inform you when some locs need some extra TLC.

I am also aware that some clients do prohibit their locticians from introducing new products and technologies because that means that there will be an increase in pricing. Don't stand in your way of having amazing hair. Dope styles means nothing if your hair is brittle and weak.

At Get Twysted salon we have a spa maintenance package which includes: either a hot oil treatment deep conditioning, steam treatment deep cleanser or deep scalp massage. You have to get more when you go to a salon or you can just stay home and do it yourself.

Nicole S.

Owner/Master Loctician/Educator

Technique over products

Get Twyst Hair Salon - Wednesday, August 12, 2015

One size does not fit all when it comes to the cultivation of locs. There is no magic butter, cream, gel to make hair loc fast. Cosmetologist, beauticians, hairdressers, locticians whatever title you choose to identify yourselves should know this and if you don't your clients are in trouble. Hair locs fastest when it's texture is kinky, the more kinky the faster the hair will matt.

Clients are being given wrong information all across the board when it comes to loc cultivation and maintenance. Folks interested in locking are constantly being bombarded with images, tutorials, Blogs, friends, family all claiming to know It all. 9 times out of 10 these experts are experts in their bathrooms and are giving you their experience dealing with their texture.

An experienced Loctician like myself have worked with various textures and have found that most products claiming to lock hair are camouflaged with great smells, misleading promises and contain ingredients that are actually damaging the scalp and hair shaft.

We live in a microwave society of getting same day results and nobody wants to play by the rules. A couple things to consider when wanting to loc is to figure out why? Most people only want to lock because it's a last resort and locs they think will restore the damage already done. Take for example a person in their 20s wanting to loc oppose to a person over 40 wanting to loc. Person in his/her 20s may choose locking as a way of self awareness.

A Person in his/her 40s has spent years following various fads and have never tried locs and was told that locs make hair grow. Now locs have been known to grow hair but usually around age 40 the landscape of one's hair have already formed. The hairline may have started to thin or recede, There is crown balding and some areas of the hair just does not grow. Ultimately locs is hair and it will do what it do. We must consider age, diet, medication, stress, climate, genetics these all play a part in the hairs texture and density. You may be blessed with a thick head of hair, or thick but short. Wearing locs is not a guarantee that your hair will grow down your back.

When doing a consultation with a new client who has made the decision to loc I consider what technique to use because of a number of variables, client's hair texture, what he/she does for a living, hobbies and climate. I use 4 style methods: individual platts, comb coils, two strand twyst, or latch hooking. Hair locs when it's trained to take on the form of a matted cylinder. Inside the cylinder of matted hair there should not be years of products inside.