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Our dedication to hair care naturally propelled us into creating a product line. Wet is a daily moisturizer which when used consistently will leave your locs hydrated in all temperatures. Our Get Twysted T shirt is a hit and very popular amongst pre-teens and up.


Take Get Twysted products with you. Purchase our gift certificates and enjoy our branded products: almond joi (daily moisturizer), Get Twysted (t-shirt).


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Our gift certificates are valued at $45 and $85.
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GET WET - A daily moisturizer

Ingredients: Water, aloe juice, coconut oil and natural essential oils are blended together to create this can't live without daily moisturizer.

*Moisturizers vs Oils*

Water is the best moisturizer for hair. However, the type of water is important . Hard water (water with added chlorine, calcium and magnesium etc.) is not necessarily good for your hair, it makes the hair dry after extended use. Therefore, the best moisturizers are generally those that are water-based as these more easily penetrate the hair and creates a suppleness in the hair shaft.

Whilst, oils (apart from coconut oil) coats the hair shaft and seals in or out moisture. The best indication that a moisturizer is water-based is if water is the first or second ingredient listed in the ingredients list.

Oils and oil-based moisturizers should only be used to seal in moisture after a water-based moisturizer is applied.

Wet Hair Moisturizer


Get Twysted is spelt out in white uppercase lettering between green, yellow and red borders on a black t-shirt.

Shirts are available in black only.
Shirts are seasonal and are available in the spring through the summer.
These are specialty orders in xs through 3x @ $20 ea.

What People Say About Us?

I Get Twysted Natural Hair Salon

I did the big chop & got stuck. Contacting Get Twysted was the best decision I ever made for my hair. Now I'm rocking coils & seriously thinking about locking.

Rose, Philadelphia

I Get Twysted Natural Hair Salon

Nicole, thank you for blessing me with your gift. Your energy and knowledge won me over. After I saw how you transformed my locs, I know no one else can ever touch my hair!

Mike, Dover

I Get Twysted Natural Hair Salon

I suffer from hair loss at the crown of my head, My locs were completly gone. Nicole created a bridge and now I am able to let my locs hang instead of pulling them back with a rubberband!

Nate, New Castle